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Siblings Rivalry

Rivalry among siblings has become common among families.This has made it difficult for people to find best ways and strategies to end the rivalry.
I,personally, hate it when I fight with my siblings.I know it’s a common thing in most families but it really sucks.

People who are born as the only children maybe wondering why on earth anyone would want to fight their siblings.The truth is that nobody wants to fight.It just happens.Most of the time.

Various factors have been identified as those that cause Siblings rivalry;position of Siblings in a family,gender and age of the children.

Siblings fight because they don’t like each other,naturally.Have you ever felt a dislike towards someone,without a reason?Just like that?That;happens too,in a family.

Others fight because one of them feel so much entitled.Position of siblings in a family.
Fights amongst siblings denies peace a place within a family.Communication is also hindered and members of a family find it hard to know what the other is thinking or rather what the other is planning.

Understanding and self control are major remedies to all the quarrels amongst siblings.I hate fighting with my siblings but sometimes,the quarrels are inevitable more so when my younger sister is involved.That girl,is really something.(..but i do really love her😍😍).Sisters can be annoying most of the times.

Child development institute,has identified various strategies of how to deal with siblings rivalry.It has gone further to state do’s and don’ts when dealing with siblings rivalry in families.Child Development Institute information on siblings quarrels . Read more about Siblings Rivalry