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Get up,get out,let the fear drive you

“The only place you can find success without hardwork,is in the dictionary.”Learn how to let fear drive you. They say fear is the first step to failure.Fear is one of the major enemies of success.Most times we find ourselves with great ideas,but fear and anxiety prevents us from putting them into practice. We waste too much time and energy contemplating of ‘what would be’ and ‘what ifs’.We waste so much time.Worrying about what people will say, or do about what we have. Overcoming anxiety starts from within Oneself.We ought to have confidence in ourselves.With confidence,we can face anything and anyone.With [ … ]

Why wait?

Why should people wait?What are you waiting for? People wait for different things at different stages in their lives.Depending on where you are in life,you’re probably waiting for something.Be it a reply for a job application,a reply for a voicemail you left for that loved one.I don’t know what it is.You know it.Some people might be waiting for the second coming of Christ. The particular wait I’m talking about here,is the wait for that Mr right.Waiting is helpful in that a person is able to get the person whom will not make you regret.The person who will complete you.The person [ … ]

Music: Donyclev Ft Beejay – Ifesinachi Remix

Music: Donyclev Ft Beejay – Ifesinachi Remix posted by Oluwatobi Olugbade on August 30, 2018 Donyclev realised the song Ifesinachi last year 2017 ending the year with the song. Now comes with the remix (Ifesinachi) featuring Beejay Danjuma. I bet you this song tells you more of what you want to hear and lots more. Download,share and enjoy !!!!!!. http://Music: Donyclev Ft Beejay – Ifesinachi Remix 0