The Price

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” — Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes,the only thing we need to do,is to put the best price for somethings.We need to know,what is worth which amount of life.

Relationships can sometimes suck(I know,I’ve had my share).Take for instance,a relationship in which one;gives a bigger amount of life to it; but get very less in return.It really hurts.

People wonder why others wouldn’t give up such relationships.I wouldn’t blame them.Some experiences have to be felt;first hand,so that one gets it.Important of it all,is love.The kind of love we feel for some people;make us not see a brighter side;we therefore live with whatever negatives we get.
We keep on hoping that,maybe,well,maybe, with time they will change.We always hope for a better tomorrow.
Unfortunately,some people never change;no matter how good you be to them.
In this life,it’s only important to know;what’s worth some good amount of your life and what doesn’t.Just to save yourself from misharps in life.Know what deserves your reaction,and what doesn’t.
Life is too short,to deal with unhappiness.


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