Friends We Call Enemies

Friends are the peoole we care about
The enemies are the people we love
These are people near us
These are people we know

We value them but all they do is make a hell out of us
We value them but what they do is make our lives miserable

Young men of our village,our friends our enemies
The people expected to make a change in the society,now making it worse
Young men in our village,harming anyone coming their way and taking everything they want
Young men of our village,our friends our enemies

We call them enemies,or rather friend’s changing to enemies,they blame the government for their unspeakable behaviours
Blame the government not,work hard and earn what you deserve
Frienemies toil so that you enjoy your own sweat and you can save your lives from the wrath of bullets
Help us live safely on our village
It belong to all of us.

Common Girl


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